Bathroom Remodeling

Cost is the first thing that comes into the mind of homeowners when they think about bathroom remodeling. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most well-known expensive rooms to remodel. However, bathroom remodel is one of the most popular projects and eventually, everyone gets an itch to renovate their bathroom after some time. There are plenty of reasons someone might do this due to reasons such as there would be not enough space for storage or the bathroom tiles have got lime green tiling.

Moreover, the average cost for a bathroom remodel is $16,128 according to remodeling magazine. The renovation increases the home’s selling value if you put in some effort. The remodeling includes all new tiles, a new tub, a tiled tub, and a built-in sink. Moreover, it includes hardware, new paint, light fixtures, and faucets. Hence, if you are planning on selling the home or putting in some effort to make it look good the best way to add value is to remodel the bathroom.

It costs high and almost makes a burn in your pocket for your bathroom makeover. However, knowledge is the best and most powerful tool in saving costs on any project. Therefore, here are a few money-saving tips to help you to remodel your home on a budget.

Make a Plan

To save money on a bathroom remodeling the number one best tip is to develop a plan and stick to it. For this purpose, you must know how much money you should spend on the project. Hence, you would know how much you can devote to the factors in the upgrade. Therefore, you must use the budget to develop the plan and make sure to go through each detail. These details include tile work, paint and decor, and new vanity. Thus, this way you would not be surprised when it comes to cost.

Make Your Mirror

If you want to add great value to your bathroom remodeling then you might consider having a finished mirror and medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Hence, to do this you can simply purchase an industrial-grade mirror and frame it with molding. Afterward, hang this beautiful customized mirror on your bathroom to enhance the look. The custom-designed mirror will give a beautiful result and the mirror would be at a fraction of the cost.

Go On Shopping

Shopping can be a better or excellent way to save your money on bathroom remodeling. While thrifting you must look for attractive items like standalone vanity that can be converted into a sink or dresser, shelves, and mirrors. Hence, you need to be an expert shopper to turn up the objects at cheaper alternatives.

Moreover, when you are on the lookout for the toilet, it can cost $100 to $300 or more for higher-end models. The installing and labor costs of a professional are also included. Thus, in your bathroom renovation, you can keep your existing toilet and give it a bit of freshness. To do this you can swap out the lid and seat of the toilet. Afterward, you would be surprised how this cheap idea would make your toilet look new again.


You must not underestimate the value of paint. Painting can be one of the least expensive parts of a bathroom remodeling. The new coat can give your bathroom a completely new look and refreshing feel to the bathroom. Hence, you must add vibrant colors for a fresh pop and bright look.  When the painting is complete then you can re-assess the project. However, you can find bathroom needs and few upgrades after the new color. The paint will protect the walls and structure of the building and also give a new and vibrant color.

Hence, painting is the easiest and greatest way to save money on updating the appearance of your bathroom. It will not cost you much because painting a bathroom is not like painting the living room or any other room. It is due to the small size of the bathroom and a lot of fixtures in it.

Use DIY Ideas Where You Can

You must leave some tasks to professionals such as plumbing upgrades. So if you do not have the knowledge or tools for the task then better leave it to the expert instead of doing it on your own. Other tasks may include tiling or hanging wainscoting that you can learn easily and can complete in a weekend. Thus, you may consider these tasks to do on your own to cut the costs of your project. This way your bathroom renovation will cost you less and will be upgraded at its best.

Moreover, if you install cabinets then it can be one of the most expensive portions of a bathroom upgrade. Thus, the best and cheap alternative for this purpose is shelving and it will give the same storage. It will cost you less money and the wall-mounted shelves will enhance beauty.

Furthermore, shelving offers decorative options too for attractive pieces of decoration. It also provides you the store necessities including toilet paper and towels in boxes of your choice. You can use some shelves to display some beautiful decor items like pottery and vases. Bathroom renovation can cause you a huge amount if you do not play smart, thus, you must use these ideas and make it look attractive at a low cost.


In conclusion, to remodel a bathroom there is no need to use expensive materials but you must be creative for bathroom designing. The results will leave you surprised and you wouldn’t regret following these tips. Moreover, it will be low-cost remodeling and enhance the sell value of the house. Though it is all about creating a new and fresh design then you do not need to buy new fixtures and materials. Hence, the secret to a low-cost remodeling is to consider the little things and be creative. Thus, if you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom then you should consider these easy tips.