Benefit of planting trees

Anything which contributes towards the well-being of mankind is synonymous to life. Since the evolution of mankind, several components are acknowledged as an inseparable part of their lives. From oceans to mountains to birds and forests etc, all provide a sense of security to human beings. It has been even observed that the folks share the closest connection with plants and trees than any other thing. Even the governments put great emphasis on growing more of trees. Apart from this, many social activists run campaigns for saving trees while others plant trees as a memoir of departed ones. Well… the question rises why plants are so special. To answer this, we have highlighted some benefits of planting trees.

Benefits of Planting Trees

Provides Sense of Belongingness

No matter where they go, people always love to come back to their roots.  Trees are those wonderful friends that etched in their lives. While playing around trees, children create special memories which stay alive in their hearts forever.  In fact, several times they experience familiar warmth when they pass by the old places. Being strong, firm and courageous in their conduct, plants act as great motivators for all.

Trees Support Ecosystem

Considering the blessings of Mother Nature, forests are to be placed on the top. There are innumerable benefits of trees and forests. Work as a shield for soil, trees stop soil-erosion thereby maintain its nutrient value. Along with this, they intensify the formation of clouds leading to soak the earth with rainfall. As per the studies, many ecologists assert that they boost biodiversity and nourish wildlife. However, this doesn’t end here. In reducing droughts as well as floods, trees play a pivotal role.

Aids Communities

The urban planning system seems to be a big supporter of growing trees. Trees uphold the power to combat pollution issues. The spread of green vegetation across the cities ensures the proper air circulation thereby offer comfortable living. People who have dense greener surroundings experience less sound pollution. Having the sound-absorbing properties, these trees gulp annoying noises and make the environment enjoyable. For curbing the intensive heat of raging Sun, plants are very effective. With their great characteristics, these are like an asset to humanity. That’s why people are suggested to grow trees and enjoy benefits.

They Have Alluring Factor

Laden with different sorts of plants, various houses exhibit unforgettable glances.  Due to their aesthetic value, people love to deck up their houses with varieties of green wonders.  With unique leaves, branches, fruits, and flowers, all plants create spellbound magic. Undoubtedly, flora possesses the power to transform landscapes. Well… the impact of inside plants are nonetheless. Decorating houses with vibrant things cleanses the air and brings positivity in the houses.

Improves Health Conditions

Spending more time with natural elements brings immense benefits to people’s health. As per the colour therapy, the green hues of plants and trees improve the body’s functioning. Be it soothing the senses or controlling high blood pressure, plants therapeutics work everywhere. In fact, hospitals employ the healing power of plants to cure their critical patients. Interestingly, plants are also used to make enormous medicines. Thus, planting trees not only beautify the environment but also showers good health.

Trees have Spiritual Significance

Considering the ancient folklore, trees carry spiritual values too. It may look absurd yet true. People used to revere tree for several reasons. Due to longevity, resilience and equipoise etc. plants are accepted as the real beacon of spiritual awakening.  Loaded with several life-vitalizing abilities, many trees have been described in scriptures too. Even today, many cultures encourage worshipping trees in order to sustain their old traditions. Thus, trees are important for preserving culture.

Reason to Keep One Physically Active

Although involvement in plantation activities doesn’t exhaust people, still they are counted as physical activity. Those who spend their hours in gardening activities experience the benefits similar to a workout. Digging soil, watering plants, mulching and mowing etc. help in burning calories. Unlike the gym, spending time with these lovely green creatures never let them experience boredom.

Provide Economic Benefits

Trees and forests are considered to be gigantic sources of livelihood. Wood, furniture, rubber, timber, edibles and medicines etc. are widely recognized ancillary products of trees. A large population across the world is engaged in works related to trees and their by-products. Even the properties around dense vegetation have more economic value than others. Since they are a sustainable source of life, they should be preserved and planted.

Undoubtedly we all understood how crucial these plants are for humanity. In fact, the world would appear different if trees don’t exist. Even sowing and nurturing a single plant creates immense value in everyone’s life. Being a good habit, the plantation of trees has been encouraged by the elders. They must also inspire upcoming generations to carry forward this legacy. If people aspire for good health and life, they must ensure to have greener surroundings.