So, you want to start a blog, yeah? Fantastic concept!

But…how are you going to start? There is already information out there, and everyone asks you to do different stuff. What are you listening to? Where is the starting point? You might have to ignore it, or it’s too confusing!

The Greatest gift you can give yourself every day of the year is to start a blog. Not only does a blog encourage you to express yourself, share your knowledge, and build fans and followers, but it also allows you via your blog to earn a decent income.

If you’re new to blogging and curious about starting a free blog, here is a step-by-step guide on developing a free blog on blogspot in this post.

Let’s get into knowing what is a blog, why to do blogging or blogspots.

What is meant by blog?

A blog is like a Web-based journal that a single person or community periodically updates. Every blog update is known as an article. Depending on the blog niche, the posts may be focused on a single subject or a range of topics. First the new posts on the blog occur as chronological order in reverse.

Why do blogging?

There are several factors why persons start blogging therefore few factors are as:

  • Help for a Social
  • Networking Expert
  • Showing your skills in writing
  • Make money online via blog ads
  • Online marketing of a business

Blogger Vs. BlogSpot

Google has and Basically, Blogger is a publishing platform whereas BlogSpot is a service provider for domain applications. For BlogSpot, the Blogger needs Blogger, so Blogger needs no BlogSpot. Both of these are free. Thus on BlogSpot (, you create a free blog to make money without investment.

How do You build a blog on BlogSpot?

1) Build a Gmail Account first

Using BlogSpot, you can create a blog, but first, you should have a Google account.

  1. Head to at your web browser.
  2. Tap on the Create New Account option.
  3. Select Next Move to fill out all relevant details.
  4. You will see a welcome message when the account is established. You are going to be carried to your inbox once you press Continues to Gmail.

Build a Gmail Account

2) Steps for building a blog on Google Blogger/Blogspot

Since is a Google-based product, you can easily create a free blog account by logging into your favorite Gmail account.

  1. Go to to create a profile.
  2. Tap on the blog option to create your blog.
  3. Log in to your credentials for the Gmail account.
  4. Log in to to build your blog. Sign in and click Build New Blog on your account.
  5. Enter the title, your address, and pick a theme that you want for your Blogspot. Tap on create a new blog! You can check out a few Blog Name Generators if you need help choosing a name for your blog.

create a blog

3) Choosing A Blog Name And A Theme

You can pick a domain for your blog on the next screen.

If you don’t know, a domain name is an address where people can access your website worldwide. It’s like the physical address that people in your office need to contact you. Select a short domain name appropriate to the subject of your blog.

  1. On the left-hand side, select the Layout menu item.
  2. In the Header section tap on Edit
  3. You can either pick a file on your machine for the header image or insert the URL of the image.
  4. Save your modifications.

 4) Ensure your Blog must be visible to Search Engines

  1. Tap on Basic in the Settings menu item.
  2. Then tap on Edit Privacy Configuration.
  3. Response ‘yes to both questions – Add to our listings your blog? And – let your blog be found by search engines? Click Save Modification.

5) Select A Logo for Your Blog

  1. On the left-hand side, select the Layout menu item.
  2. Click on Edit in the Header section
  3. You can either pick a file or insert the URL of the image.
  4. Save your modifications.

6) Attach Sidebar Links Using Gadgets

  1. On the menu list, select the Layout menu object.
  2. Click on the Add Gadget button on Sidebar Top or Bottom.
  3. Download the connection list and click on the plus sign in the pop-up window.
  4. Complete the form, click Add Source, and then click Save to fill in your details.
  5. You’ll see the link Sidebar on the left of the blog when you preview it.

7) Requisites to writing the first post on your blog

  1. On the blog tab, from the toolbar on the left side, click Posts. Then tap on New to make a new Post.
  2. Just as you would with a word processing app, insert your text, add pictures and links. Then press Publish.
  3. This can be achieved by clicking on the Preview button in the upper right corner if you wish to preview your post before posting it.
  4. This is how the blog post will look.

8) Add pictures to a blog post

  1. Open your post in edit mode and position the cursor to the place where you want the photo.
  2. In the toolbar, press Insert photos.
  3. Click on Files to choose the appropriate picture files if you upload pictures from your machine.
  4. You can view the post with the picture viewer prior to posting.

9) In A Blog Post, insert YouTube Videos

  1. Find your favorite YouTube video and press the Share button at the right bottom.
  2. Copy the connection link that is showcased.
  3. Click on Add/Remove Link and return to the blog post in editing mode.
  4. In the box that pops up, paste the text and URL of the YouTube video that you wish to share. Then click OK.

10) Build “About Us” for Your Blog Post

  1. On the left-hand menu list Press the Pages menu item.
  2. Click New Tab.
  3. Complete the title page and content, and hit the button publish.

Wrapping Up

So, you finished your crash course with this to create a free blog.

Hopefully, now you can start a free blog of your own, acquire blogging experience first-hand and raise some money for your financial independence.

After that, to get more influence over your blog and get even more opportunities for its growth, you can move your blog to self-hosted blogs at any time.

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