health during summer

Summer season is all set to take all the breeziness of your life and put it on fire. The Sun, which used to be friendly in December, turns hostile. The rage of this celestial body appears to create havoc everywhere; putting a stop to the lives. Folks find it difficult to move out of their homes and fall victims of various ailments like dehydration, vomiting, heat stroke, skin allergies, and gastric issues, etc. Well… it is challenging to control the raging waves of Sun, but not your preventive measures. To stay healthy and safe in this hot season, one needs to be extra-cautious and proactive. In this article, we will be discussing ways to stay healthy and happy in the summer.

Tips for Your Health During Summer Season

Hydration is the key

Dehydration is one big major issue of summer. To combat this problem, one is required to be well hydrated. A well-hydrated person has the power to deal the consequences of summer. Staying hydrated not only keeps one fit but also maintains the electrolyte levels of the body. Hence, make sure to intake at least 8 glasses of water in a day. If simple water seems boring to the tongue then replace it with interesting infused water made of lemon, cucumber, mint and other veggies.

Eat Seasonal, Stay healthy

Eat Seasonal Food

Although the trend of eating exotic and expensive fruits is ruling the food industry now, it is suggested to eat seasonal especially in summer. In summer, fruits like mangoes, plums, melons, figs, berries and apricots are available in abundance in the market. Loaded with nutrition and high water content, these fruits make the perfect choice for hot climate. Grabbing these juicy fruits not only pleases the gut but also offers radiant skin. Adding to the health benefits, consumption of seasonal fruits relieves one’s pockets from the burden of over-expenditure.

Trust your grandmother’s beauty hacks

Sun rays also leave you with innumerable skin issues like Sun burn, Sun tan, dryness, sweating, rashes and what not. Heat waves of the season make one worry of her beauty as the general skin and hair care routine don’t work. In this case, it is imperative to visit some expert and who can be better than one’s moms and grandma.

Just like smart ladies of the family, one should apply various handmade masks. To retain the radiance of skin, often use rosewater. Rub your face with cucumber slice and potato slice. Use curd, tomatoes, mint, sandal, honey and other natural ingredients to replenish your skin. Considering the hair care, make sure to apply miraculous heena masks.

Nothing can beat the power of homemade food

Losing of appetite and draining of energy are also the effects of scorching heat of summer. To keep the spirits high, one should be aware of his food habits. If one is fond of outside food then it is time to keep outside food at bay. Make efforts to eat homemade food as it’s hygienic and freshly cooked. Be it lunch or dinner, fill the plate with salad more. Try out the recipes that are light on stomach and keeps one full.

Never leave house without sunscreen, sunglasses and hats

Sunglass not only enhances one’s looks but also protects one’s eyes from direct exposure of sun rays. Always buy a good quality sunglass as poor quality lenses can be melted with excessive heat, resulting in harm to eyes. Damage of skin in summer is comparatively higher than that in winter. Wearing a good sunscreen with high spf is of great help. Along with sunscreen and sunglass, hats make huge companion in this season. Always pick a hat or cap that offer full coverage to your head.

These essentials plays major role in keeping one safeguard from energy sapping temperature. Hence, never step out of the home without sunscreen, sunglasses as well as hats.

Choose comfortable clothes

Comfortable Clothes

Season of summer is characterized by various issues like sweat, irritation, body odour and itching. No matter how hard one tries to stay safe, these common problems must be faced by everyone. To get rid from such skin issues, one should wear comfortable clothes. Wearing loose clothes tend to maintain the air circulation thereby decreasing the sweat, irritation and rashes. Befriend cotton and say bye to tight clothes.

However, we all wish to stay stylish even in summer. For such fashion freaks, there are many options offered by fashion designers in cotton clothes too.

It is advised not to focus on the side-effects of this season. Rather, one can see the wonderful things they can enjoy in it. Undoubtedly, there are several health issues faced by people in summer. But, with prudence and appropriate measures, one can beat the harshness of the season. By following above given suggestions, one can make summer season a wonderful affair.