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There is no second thought that the cut of the main stone makes a huge impact in an engagement ring and this is what brings life to your ring. Each cut shows its sparkle and it is you who will decide which is best meeting your personality and nature. Keep in mind the amount of usage it will have in your daily which means what kind of wear and tear it could face and you want the first look to come out, whether you are interested in modern one or you will choose to stick with the classy vintage look.

Another important thing is the size of your fingers, and how you can enhance their beauty with the type design, and shape you want. Looking at these important aspects, we here will break down the most loved diamond engagement rings stone cut and you may decide accordingly. Girls are in absolute love with the diamonds and they may found themselves being guilty of drooling over the diamonds which are perfectly shaped and are in dazzling shine conditions, which can make increase the beauty of the bride in just an instant. This is the best time around to be surrounded by the stunning sparkling diamonds which you can choose from the best ones.

Diamond Ring

Your ring should look overwhelmingly beautiful and with so many beautiful choices available, it gets tough to narrow down the choices to select the one which can truly reflect out your true style. If you are a bride who loves getting the touch of classic styling then having a solitaire in your ring can’t go wrong at any step. And if you are someone in between of both classic as well as modern, we are sure you will fall in love with the mesmerizing beauty of the round, cushion, and princess cuts which can be carried on different styling.

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Of course, there is then the classic emerald cut with its striking beauty through the large rectangular diamond which can put your mind in doubt over the previous choice. It’s time to read on these beautiful engagement ring for the brides which you can choose from and make your memorable day even more special:


Brides love to get a round-cut diamond. This specific shape helps in maximizing the fire of the diamond to bring out the proper reflection of the light which makes us no surprise why this is considered the best design since anyone can fall for such bright sparkle. Round cut diamonds taken out beautifully goes excellently with all the solitaries as well where you could put them in 2 and 3 stone settings and if you have to design your own engagement ring, this will provide a retro look.


The name is enough to make you like it since which the bride doesn’t want to boast about a princess look. The princess cut is a widely known and loved diamond shape in the rings. It provides a unique face-up structure along with the square or rectangular sides making it a perfect combination for the rings.


This royal cut is somewhat like a pillow, all credits to the square-cut combination it possesses with all-round corners and the brilliance come out more fine than ever once it meets with the classic 54 larger facets. This supremely cut diamond has been in existence since the 18th century and it came largely in trend in the 19th century where it used to be known as the mine cut.


It can be seen with a rectangular step cut, cropped corners with an open table. This type of cut is often preferred for the aesthetic art deco style of it. However, the sparkle of this one is more understated where people call it a hall-of-mirrors effect. The other specialties are its long silhouette and angular lines which make the diamond more clear once direct light falls on it. During the vertical holding, this shape helps in providing a long and slender look to your finger.


This cut is popular for the regal feel it gives and is also known as the Navette cut. It has its silhouette marked with curved sides and pointy ends with a delicate football shape if you keep it in words. This design has a long and narrow shape which not only creates a greater size illusion but also helps in making your finger look elongated with a brilliant sparkle.


Once the GIA certified loose diamonds reaches its destination to be shaped, the oval cut can be said to have its own distinction since this round-cut stone can provide bright sparkle. This is a premium and very fine choice which makes your finger look lengthen.


This was first found by Henry Grossbard in 1977, and just like what we call it, a radiant cut diamond is truly amazing in catching the light. For some, it might look like an emerald cut but it has its uniqueness with deep-cuts making it provide extra sparkle.


Pear-shaped diamond came out from various other styles and this hybrid dates back to the early 1400s where it took the hints from both the oval and marquise for its formation and with a unique shape, it came out to be a perfect shape especially for the brides looking for a vintage styling.


It was found in 1902 by a jeweler with the same name and the key features include an octagonal shape with 58 large step facets. The symmetrical geometry designs have been popular during the art deco period and are still trending in the market because of its radiance and sparkle.


The heart is the universal symbol of love and with this new style heart cut stones, it is a popular choice in the engagement ring along with its popularity around the valentine’s period which makes it even more special to pick on. This design possesses a feminine shape that goes well like solitaire and can be put down in a simple band as well.

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