Best Foods for Vertigo

In this labyrinth of the world, life doesn’t seem to be pleasant anymore.  Regardless of age, appearance, and financial worth, all seek ways to solace their beings. Well.. the question boils down to identifying the causes that trouble human life. Of course, the blame solely goes onto human aspirations and desires for unsettling life challenges. However, this is a half-truth. An unhealthy lifestyle is the bigger distressing factor when compared to the rest. In the quest for better living, the worth of life is seriously being forgotten. Work pressures, peer pressure, smoking, eating habits and sleep deprivation, etc. have nurtured several health issues. Foods for Vertigo

Amongst such issues, vertigo is quite a nerve-chilling situation where one experiences nausea as well as dizziness. As there are always clinical treatments for diseases, the right food can also cure vertigo. When combating diseases is possible through food then one must know all about them. Before proceeding towards dietary solutions, let’s first understand about vertigo and its effects.

Vertigo and Its Effects

Vertigo is the situation that makes people experience spinning sensation. Similar to dizziness, it creates the feeling of moving spaces or the head even when the person is totally still. Considering the duration of vertigo attack, it usually varies. For some, it’s just a few seconds and for others it can be hours. However, there are some chronic patients who suffered for months too. If someone is confused about symptoms of vertigo, they can refer to the following list:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Balancing issues
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Experiencing ringing sensation
  • Uncontrollable movement of eyes

Causes of Vertigo

How can people combat any disease if the reasons are ambiguous to them?

For vertigo, the causes have been categorized as central and peripheral.  Under peripheral cases, the origin of the problem is ears while the cases where functioning of the central nervous system gets hampered fall under central cases.

On suffering with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, labyrinthitis, brain injuries, migraine, Meniere, and tumours, etc., the patients experience vertigo.  Thus, it indicates that vertigo is more of a symptom and less of a disease. Hence, calling vertigo as a symptom is more appropriate.

Effective Ways to Deal with Vertigo

On identifying the causes and signs of vertigo, the struggle of patients seems easier. For reducing the frequency of vertigo attacks, home remedies are worthwhile. Just have a look on few:

  • Instead of bending down, go for squats
  • Use the pillow to raise the head while sleeping
  • Rest in the darkroom
  • Do breathing exercises regularly
  • Don’t compromise on sound sleep
  • Keep head movement slow during work
  • Learn all the important exercises to do at home

Since it is difficult to deal with vertigo, the people look for all the possible ways. Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, their food habits do miracles to control this dreadful health issue. Food not only vocalizes one’s energy but also possesses the right substance to curb vertigo episodes. In fact, many people claimed to have altered this disease with their good eating choices. To support your good health, we are recommending some of the most fantastic foods, fluids, and diet for vertigo.


Due to its wonderful medicinal properties, lemongrass makes it to the list of extraordinary herbs. To relieve the issue of dizziness, lemongrass tea is a proven remedy. Sipping a cup or two of this wonderful herbal tea will be beneficial for vertigo patients. Whenever the patients begin to encounter dizziness or nausea, they should immediately brew this wonderful potion for faster results. For vertigo patients, this tea is a superb mood-enhancer.



Nausea is one of the noted symptoms of vertigo. In such situations, gingers are bliss that combat nausea and headaches. Belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, it is widely popular for remarkable medicinal properties. The best way to consume it is in the form of ginger tea. Else, it can be chewed raw or added to meal preparations.  The goodness of these herbal roots significantly works on chronic vertigo patients. That’s why vertigo patients must eat ginger as a daily ritual.


No matter how critical the diseases are, there are definitely some foods or fruits that can mitigate such maladies. To treat the stirring sensations of vertigo, strawberries are quite valuable. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, strawberries must be trusted by patients. Consuming freshly chopped strawberries with a bowl of yogurt mitigates the effects of vertigo. However, yogurt isn’t friendly to every gut so it can be excluded if desired.

Water & Juices

When the body is droughty, it’s challenging to endure vertigo. To cure this irritating condition, hydration is the key. Hydration generally implies water consumption only. However, fruit juices as well as vegetable juices look after hydration needs too. Patients who befriend the beverages have lesser dizziness jolts than others. Hence, drenching the body cells with adequate intake of fluids is advised to patients.



A handful of almonds are the gateway to a healthy life. Being a rich source of vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, healthy fats, and other nutrients, this powerful dry fruit is to be essentially consumed by vertigo patients. Soak them a night before or add them to meals or snack on them, almonds are amazing in all the ways. However, vertigo patients should preferably eat them on an empty stomach every morning. With regular usage of them, patients eventually get less prone to vertigo.

Amla and Coriander

Whether it’s clothing, accessories, colors or food items, few combinations are unbeatable. Likewise, the duo of amla (Indian Gooseberry) and coriander are super effective to handle vertigo attacks. In fact, the liquid form of these ingredients guards the patients from deadly sensations. Take one tsp of both amla powder and coriander powder. Soak them in water for a night. Don’t forget to strain this health drink before intake. Having a glass of this every morning ensures a right start for vertigo victims.

Vitamin D

In treating the vertigo symptoms, vitamin D has a great role. Since vitamin D is required for calcium absorption so falling short of this vitamin aggravates the condition. There are many vitamin D deficient people who face dizziness and nausea problems. But, if they showcase mindfulness and keep an eye on the level of this vital nutrient then it will be easier to stop the above-mentioned problems. To surge levels of this vitamin in the body, low-fat milk, eggs, fish, meat and soy products are believed to be superfoods.

Whole Grains

When the vertigo patients replace their refined eateries with the whole grains, they will definitely be saved from this deadly health condition. Whole grains not only have iron and vitamins but also dietary fiber. Although people understand the high nutritional value of whole grain products, they fail to incorporate them in their diets. Food processing strips the nutrient proportion of cereals and thereby degrades their quality. Since cereals are an integral part of the food platter so it must be consumed as a whole.

Holy Basil

Since ancient times, basil plants have been an integral part of Indian culture. Recognizing the qualities of holy basil, Indians not only revere this plant but also consume it as god’s blessing. Being a storehouse of curative attributes, it is used to treat several ailments including vestibular disorders.  When it comes to tackle vertigo cases, the patients are suggested to rely on basil tea. Undoubtedly, basil teas are available in the market but seek the natural one. Its benefit can be derived by inhaling the vapour of basil leaves.


Immune-builder, power-booster, and treasure house of vitamin C, lemons also comfort the sufferers of vertigo condition. Since lemon builds the immune system so patients are told to include lemon in their daily regime. Be it in the form of beverages or seasoning on salads, the tangy taste of lemon refreshes the mood. Well… sucking a lemon slice with some pepper on its top also curbs dizziness. Along with lemons, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, and tangerines, etc. perfectly subdue the effects of vertigo.

Cayenne Pepper

On several occasions, anaemia and low blood circulation lead the people to vertigo condition. In situations of low flow of blood to the inner ear and brain, the problems like nausea and low- balance get surfaced. For such medical conditions, cayenne pepper is a great home remedy. Capsaicin component in cayenne pepper improves the blood circulation and apparently reduces vertigo symptoms. When it is consumed twice a day, patients encounter a considerate decrease in the attacks.

Undoubtedly, the vertigo condition makes the lives miserable. On several occasions, people don’t understand the real cause for their moving sensations and go for the wrong treatment. Well… to ease this battle, a thorough investigation about the disease will always be rewarding. Be it symptom, causes, and treatment, the patients must possess all information about vertigo. It’s simply amazing to know that nutritious food habits can alleviate this condition to a great extent. There is a list of foods and beverages that should be a part of every vertigo patient’s life. When food acts as a healer then why to take medicines?

Hence, make the suggested dietary adjustments and lead a healthy life. In case, the problem of vertigo persists then it is recommended to visit a doctor.

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