Google Review Widget Tools

No one can deny that Google reviews assist businesses in achieving their goals. After all, it is the most trusted google review platform on the internet that helps consumers make their purchase decisions and helps businesses prove their credibility.

And to showcase reviews to more audiences, businesses often opt to embed Google review widget on their website. Showing reviews to the target audience is as important as collecting them. And for that, various tools provide a dedicated Google review widget for this cause. In this blog, we will be discussing 10 best Google review widgets that showcase Google reviews with ease.

10 Best Google Review Widget Tools

Before diving into the core of the topic, here is a basic understanding of Google review widget. The Google review widget is the functional block on the website that enables you to showcase Google reviews with ease. You can add these widgets using the following tools;

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed is a well-known social media aggregator tool. It helps you collect social feeds from 18+ social media platforms, allowing you to curate and customize them before displaying on the website. In addition, it provides a dedicated Google review widget that displays the review without any hassle.

Alongside making the embedding process easy, it also offers various features which add great significance to this tool. For example – it provides you with the customization feature, which allows you to modify the widget as per your need. Here, you can change the font size, font style, background, and more to match the widget as per your style. Freehand customization allows you to showcase your artistic side and improve the visual appeal of your website.

Also, you have the facility to show/hide reviews from the website feed. You can use this feature to remove the reviews that you think are irrelevant, or you can even remove the reviews that mention the name of any other brand.

You also have various themes and layouts. You can select the one that suits the style of your website. It brings professionalism to your website. You can also use layout and theme to make your website more playful.

Google review widget from Tagembed is responsive, which means it adjusts according to the screen type. So, it does not matter what device or screen your users are using. They will be able to read reviews with ease.

Custom CSS, custom CTA and analytics are some of the major features from the various others that the Tagembed widget provides.

2. SocialProofed

Gaining the trust and confidence of your customers is very important to compete in the market. With SocialProofed, you can easily achieve those as it provides an easy solution for embedding Google review widget on your website. In addition, the stunning layouts and automatic updates make the widget one of the best in the market.

It provides you the option to choose from various layouts and templates to showcase reviews in style—a good-looking layout and alluring template help catch visitors’ attention. And the purpose of adding a Google reviews widget on the website is solved. The mobile-friendly widget adjusts itself as per the screen types and helps you display reviews to all website visitors with ease.

3. Elfsight

Elfishght is another amazing social media aggregator that helps you collect, curate, customize, and display social feeds from various social media platforms. In addition, it provides a dedicated google review widget that integrates your Google My Business account to your website. And because of that you can easily display Google reviews on your website without any trouble.

The fully flexible interface gives you customization freedom. Hence, you can choose from the various layout and templates and make desired modifications to match your website or style. Also, you can filter the reviews as per your need, you can either remove reviews manually or include a keyword. When you include a keyword, the tool automatically removes all the reviews that have provided keywords.

4. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial brings an easy method to embed google reviews on the website. It is another popular name in the social media aggregator market. With its simple steps and helpful features, it stands out as the most trusted platform.

It provides you with 10+ ready-made reviews widget. You can choose the one the best suits your need and that you think can attract the viewers’ eyes. Using a good-looking widget can add grace to your website and stand out from the crowd. Embed social is a flexible tool that allows you to add multiple widgets on multiple websites. You can use multiple review widget for your different website or webpage. For example: you can use the tagging option and embed a separate widget for all different tags.

5. ReviewsOnMyWebsite

As the name suggests, the tool specializes in showcasing reviews on the website. In addition, the tool has a separate Google review widget that easily displays Google reviews related to your business on your website.

It provides you the facility to make desired changes to your widget to bring out a visual appeal of the widget. With a few easy clicks you can change the look of your widget and match it as per your website. You can even update the font and make color customization as per your need. The updates and edits are coding-free, which makes it a desirable tool.

6. Review-widget tool

Next on the list is the review-widget tool that helps you easily embed the Google review widget on the website. The widget showcases the reviews that help you gain customer trust, which might help you get more sales.

You can choose from various modern and appealing designs for the widget, which improves the look of your widget and website. Because, in this digital age, it is necessary to have an appealing website, as it attracts more consumers and creates a positive impression.

7. Just Review

Just Review tools provide you with various templates to showcase google reviews on the website. For example, you can use JustReview badge to collect and showcase all reviews and testimonials related to your brand at one place. It is a simple way to build the reliability of your brand. Or you can use JustReview stars template that displays the product and its average rating. Hence, it makes it easy for the customer to make its decision. Also, it improves your reputation as your brand comes out as transparent in the eyes of consumers.

8. Widget Pack

With the help of Widget Pack, you can easily display multiple reviews related to your brand on your website. In addition, the widget provides you with various filters to determine the reviews that get displayed on your website. For example, you have filter ratings to set minimal star ratings; it helps you to remove negative and rude reviews. In addition, it provides various other features such as customization, moderation, and more that add great value to this strategy.

9. helps you in showcasing consumer reviews related to your business on your website. After all, who can be the better judge of any product other than the person using it? With the help of this tool, you display consumer reviews posted on the Google review platform, enabling you to embed Google review widget on your website.

10. YotPo

Last on the list is YotPo. It is another amazing tool that helps you in showcasing ratings and reviews to your visitors. With the reviews, you can add engagement elements to your website and, at the same time, prove your trustworthiness. With various features from the tools, you can bring out great significance to this strategy.

Summing It up

Who does not like to work with the best? You have the best review platform -Google reviews. So, why not use the widgets to showcase these reviews on the website. The widgets mentioned above are best in the market and are easily available. So, what are you waiting for? Try these widgets now and take your businesses to new heights.