Home Decor items

A home is a place that reflects your thoughts and beliefs. It is a destination where you find solace. Whether you are rich or poor, you always desire to build a dream home and fill it with the most positive energies. Be it your dining, living room or kitchen, you wish to deck the house in the most unique way. Since lockdown restricted people to homes only so they must fully utilize this time. Creating a loving and optimistic environment is what we need the most in the current scenario. For that, what’s better than making lively décor products at homes? Have a look at some of the wonderful ideas for making home decor items during the lockdown.

Classy tray to decorate your vanity   

Appearances could be deceptive but women never forsake their love for dressing up. They love to spend hours in front of their makeup vanity. Hence, it’s important to keep their makeup

stations really loveable. To enhance the look of makeup vanity, we have an idea of making a classy tray. Pick an old wooden tray and paint it well with sparkling golden colour. Let the colour dry. Now, using a glue stick a mirror on the tray. Settle your accessories and cosmetics on this classy tray.

Must try Flower pots ideas

Flowers possess the power to bring life to anything and our homes are not an exception to it. Available in varied colours and varieties, these are the perfect item for home décor. But.. without a nice flower pot, they look dull. So, if you wish to make some really nice pots, we can help you with two ideas. For first, all you need a flower pot planted with flowers, a candle and a small planter. On flowerpot of your choice, place that small planter and a candle along with a glass holder. This is the simplest yet elegant way for sprucing up that untouched corner of the house. Moving to the next idea, take a flower pot and decoupage it with a beautiful design. This is a nice way to kill your lockdown boredom along with exploring your creative side.

Cushion Crafts to comfort your soul

A home is a place that allows you to forget all stresses and problems. That’s why it’s important to empower your house with cozy stuff. Cushions are one of those elements which comfort your

body. If you want to re-craft them then you can do it in a given manner. The ‘cut and paste’ technique will work for your cushions too. Take plain cushions and paste various patterns on them. An embellishment of beautiful laces or ribbons will surely make them more attractive. In fact, you can also paint them with your favourite gallery of colours.

Brighten your house with Lamps       

Imagine if there are no lights in the house then how it would look. Since this is a scary situation which makes house unworthy of living. So make sure to brighten every corner of the house

with lamps. As these shiny objects get heavy on pockets so many houses don’t prefer them.  By picking various materials, they can be created at homes too. Be it string lamp or faux capiz chandelier or mason jar pendant lights, all are wonderful ideas of handmade lights.

Easy Wall Art

A house speaks volume about the people who reside there.  The way one embellishes his house clearly describes his perspective about life.  Vibrant people choose to put vibrant items in the house while introverts go with simple products.  For enhancing the beauty of your house, wall arts also play a significant role. Ideas like paper hearts, vine on wall art, flower vase patterns, geometric patterns, photo trees art, mirror art and many other designs are loved by all houses.

Macrame Wall Hangings

Decorating houses is not an easy task.  To bring remarkable effect in your house, one needs to come with unconventional ways.  Well.. if you don’t have that creative taste then go

with macramé wall hangings. Although conventional yet stylish macramé hangings make

appealing home décor items. These can be easily made at home. Take loom, scissors and wooden dowel to weave magnificent artwork and bring charm to your home.

Cool Coffee Racks

A dream home looks incomplete without a stylish kitchen. It’s that part of the house that occupies a special place in women’s hearts. Hence, designing kitchens with utmost care is really essential. In fact, little renovation in the kitchen can make you spellbound. By putting a

coffee rack in your kitchen space, it will look versatile. Give a kick start to your inventive spirit and design your coffee racks at home. With the help of wooden boards, bolts, markers, paints and hooks, multiple kinds of stylish racks can be made.

So, shun away your laziness and utilize this time to create multiple artistic pieces. To redefine your houses, these easy handmade home décor items are the best.

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