Jewelry Trends

Jewelry- it isn’t just a piece of accessory but a necessity to womankind. ‘I have enough jewelry’ is certainly a myth. Ever since your eyes were set on your mother’s jewelry box, something just made you fall head over heels in love with its mesmerizing beauty, and the rest is history. Now your existence seems meaningless and incomplete without the latest addition of a classy ornament to your jewelry casket.

Well, jewelry is close to every woman’s heart as it enhances the look and appearance of any outfit, thereby complementing your sartorial sense. It not only makes you look graceful but also makes you feel special, unique, and valued. Since 2020 is around the corner, we are sure you cannot wait to know about the jewelry trends that will soon take the fashion industry by storm. Let’s get started without much ado!

Jewelry Trends in USA

To accessorize and glam up your outfits in the most striking way, it is important to keep yourself abreast of the upcoming jewelry trends. Every country has a different definition of style and fashion, and the USA is no exception. Being touted as a trendsetting nation, USA is always known for influencing others by its ever-stylish jewelry designs and pieces.

To refresh your jewelry collection, add some novel pieces of wonders which are bold, powerful and exquisite. In the new year, it is expected to witness ultra-modern designs for women who are strong and independent. The trends we are going to discuss in the article are showing no signs of slowing down. From oversized hoops to celestial jewelry and florals, this trend is going to stick around for many more years to come. They will always be ahead of the curve. So, just prep yourself to find what more does your jewelry case want to keep secretly in 2020.

Jewelry Trends in UK

As jewelry is an expression of a woman’s personality and lifestyle, it is not meant to be ordinary. Women are extraordinary and so are their unconventional choices. In the UK, jewelry collections will showcase a perfect amalgamation of colored gemstones, pearls, layered chains, and whatnot. Some jewelry pieces are timeless and classic; they never go out of style. These hottest trends will help you elevate your overall appearance instantly, thereby making you look like a million bucks.


Be it a nuptial ceremony, an evening soiree, or an office party, no matter how much attention you pay to the outfit to doll yourself up, without a perfect pair of earrings, your look will always be ordinary and lifeless.

In the UK, jewelry experts and designers will be coming up with coruscating pieces inspired by nature. With humble materials like seashells, stones, and sand, earrings will be created keeping these earthly elements in mind for jewelry lovers. Other than this, mismatched and single earrings with an asymmetrical twist and sculptural earrings will surely take your breath away. 2020 is all about breaking stereotypical norms and introducing something fresh and out-of-the-box.

In the USA, larger-than-life hoops are going to be appreciated for its classy and chic look. The good news is that the ultra-glamorous chandelier earrings will be in trend to grab many eyeballs. Pearl-covered tassels, hoops in all sizes and colors, and mock feathers should be in your must-have list. Last but not least, greatly influenced by planetary figures and crystal balls, long drop earrings will be enough to cut a dash.


Talking about the necklaces, the approaching year is going to be truly bold, and definitely not dainty and pretty. In the UK, runways will showcase the chunky chain necklaces that will surely exude a stylish statement. Besides oversized chain necklaces with beaded ones, the chokers are back with their powerful presence that wrap around the neck in the most appealing way. These statement necklaces are certain to win many hearts.

In the USA, according to jewelry designers, the market will be swamped by the colorful accessories and necklaces created meticulously using colored gemstones and baubles. Forget silver and gold, and get ready to add some colors to your jewelry box. For those who enjoy being an epitome of elegance and sophistication, long necklace that dips and drapes with minimalistic designs will be the talk of the town.


Don’t you need something to adorn your delicate fingers? Admit or not, every woman is pulled toward pretty and glittery things, and we feel this is what has made you scroll down and know about the upcoming trends in rings.

In the UK, jewelry designers have extensively worked on coming up with fancy shapes for rings other than the traditional round ones. In 2020, you will be witnessing fascinating shapes like square, radiant, pear-shaped, and oval. Emerald-cut diamond rings will never stoop down from the runways. It is sophisticated,  modern, and reflects a style statement of the wearer. Besides these trends, rings with floral-inspired halo are going to be adored by all. For those who want to spruce themselves up with a ring that looks feminine and unique, then they are surely going to get their hands on this elegant piece of wonder.

Modern women always prefer to wear one of a kind pieces of jewelry, which can make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Keeping their rich choices in mind, jewelers in the USA are introducing rings studded with precious gemstones. Emeralds and Sapphires will garner a lot of attention and will top the list of trendiest pretty things. Gemstones in rings with the halo effect are going to be a massive hit in the new year. From multi-stone rings with modernized version to non-traditional open rings, the coming year has a lot in store for those who have a fetish for jewelry.

They say, ‘Life is too short to wear boring jewelry’. It’s time to push back the outdated ones and embrace the latest jewelry trends that will rule 2020 in full swing. Take your idea of jewelry to the next level by soaking yourself in the trends shared in this post. So, what are you planning to add to your most prized possession-that’s none other than your jewelry box? We wish your New Year sparkle, shine, and glitter just as your jewels for eternity.