Job Options Without Any Degree

The term success or successful is hard to define.  Well.. as per the societal norms, the one who is financially sound or secured justify the word ‘successful’. Undoubtedly, financial security refers to the situations when one has sufficient resources to cover unknown expenses along with maintaining a standard of living. Since education is believed to be the gateway to financial haven, students burn the midnight oil in their studies and earn well. However, several scholars pick up jobs even without attending colleges due to financial crunch. For such individuals, there comes the ray of hope. Gone are the days when certifications and degrees are imperative to make money. Let’s scroll down the list of good jobs without owning any college degree.

Job Options Without Any Degree


This is one of the amazing jobs that demand no college degree except a passion for dance.  Being an artistic profession, it involves designing of physical movements.  Since it is a challenging profession, the choreographers are needed to be self-motivated, determined, passionate, patient, and innovative. Dated to ancient times, dance forms have evolved majestically allowing distinct personalities to articulate their unique talents. Choreography is not just confined to dancing. Rather it unfolds opportunities in various fields like fashion shows, opera, ice skating, musical shows, and cheerleading to name a few.

Insurance Sales Agents

As the name suggests, these people are responsible for selling insurance. By contacting new potential customers and convincing them to purchase insurance policies, they generate business for companies. Apart from the above work, they also suggest appropriate policies to the customers and manage documentation formalities too. After getting training, the insurance sales agents get an insight into this sector. But, good communication skills, patience, and confidence determine their success rate. In order to gain a good income, many students take this job even before finishing college.

Event Planners

In today’s time, people wish to organize successful events within their budgets. Be it wedding, house warming party, birthdays, office meets or any event for that matter, event planners ensure to make them unforgettable. Undoubtedly, organizing events may look easy but it can’t be done without adequate knowledge of this business. Understanding the client’s expectations and deliver them the same are the traits of wonderful event planners.  Well.. no bookish knowledge can define the rules to make big in this profession. Hence, even without any formal education folks can begin their careers as event planners.


Commercial Pilots

It’s awesome to know as even a non-graduate can be a commercial pilot and earn well. To put an end to all the confusion, a commercial pilot does not mean an airline pilot. They work as flight instructors, cargo pilots, ferry pilots, or backcountry pilots too. Of course, their job responsibilities vary but the experiences are always new. Anyone who is thrifty, energetic, confident, reasonable, and adventurous should make their career in this field.

Makeup Artists                                                                                                                                 

The charisma of the fashion and glamour industry has been alluring more people towards this profession.  Even people seem to be a huge fan of versatile makeups and hairdos. The more experimental looks, the more makeup artists came into demand. Since they know the art to transform appearances like anything, they have been hired for television, theatres, cinemas, fashion shows, and various events. The journey to this career can be started with some basic training.

Executive Assistant to Director

Behind successful bosses, there is always a team of dedicated and hardworking employees especially the executive assistants. Having job responsibilities similar to personal assistants, executive assistants are an upgraded version of secretaries. From coordinating the meetings to writing emails to prepare reports and much more, they need to juggle between various tasks. On several occasions, they supervise other staff too. To fit in this role, one doesn’t need degrees.  Rather they need to be multitasking, reliable as well eloquent.

Real Estate Agents

Whether it’s buying or selling or renting any property, these fellows help people in finding the right options and get a commission. Real estate agents also arrange the meetings of prospective buyers with sellers. Whatsoever the client’s expectations, they ensure to fulfill their requirements. Having detailed knowledge about the real estate sector, they offer appropriate suggestions. In fact, to undertake this job, no formal education is needed. Those who possess effective communication skills and problem- solving tactics make a great stride in this field.

Computer Support Specialists

There is no dearth of jobs to these specialists. Every organization wants assistance in tackling computer-related issues. Being experts in hardware as well as software, they easily troubleshoot all problems. Even a graduate can work as a computer support specialist with no degree. The job title may vary at times but the work remains the same. This is a wonderful career for computer enthusiasts.

In the present scenario, getting high-paid jobs is a tough task. Despite holding bundles of degrees, many students don’t get what they aspire for. That’s why they have to settle with low-paying jobs or no jobs at all. However, students must look for ways to make money. There are ample jobs that don’t require any degree. So, students who need financial independence can start early too.