Makeup Trend

The wedding season is in full swing, and we can’t keep ourselves calm. From a wedding dress, makeup, jewelry to hairstyle, a bride has so much to mull over besides other significant preparations. At this moment, as a bride-to-be, you must be dealing with a whirlwind of thoughts and riding the wave of emotions. For every bride, her D-day is the most awaited time of her life when she will be dressed to the nines and gaining all the attention which she so kindly deserves.

Makeup Trend and Ideas

However, to get that perfect look that can turn many heads, you need to choose the latest wedding makeup trend that will enhance your natural beauty and make you steal the show. If you cannot figure out what kind of makeup will suit you the best, then read this article from top to bottom, and thank us later!

Monochromatic makeup

This makeup trend has truly won many hearts and is well-liked by brides these days. Monochromatic makeup is all about sticking to one or two color tones that complement each other and look almost similar as if they belong to the same family. Those who like to look fresh, young, delicate, and dainty on their special day, they can go for soft taupe shades, muted mauve tints, and peace hues.

Just keep in mind that the color you choose will be applied to your eyelids, cheeks, and lips, and mimic each other in a beautiful way, therefore, choose it wisely with the help of your makeup artist. While most of us get the leeway to play with different shades in the palette, in this style of makeup, you choose just one color as a base and highlight your features with the same.

Luminous Glow

This makeup trend truly deserves to be on this list as it has the magic to give any bride a natural and fresh glow that truly defines her. In this look, you will not be applying multiple layers of full-coverage foundations but definitely a sheer coverage for a refreshing appearance that does not look like over-the-top and made-up. To get your dream look, makeup artists use such products and cosmetics that give brides a radiant glow on her wedding day. So, if covering your face with glitter, shimmer, and bright hues is not your thing, then this no-makeup look is something you can totally vouch for. Are you ready to flaunt your clear, fresh, and healthy face glow? If yes, then bookmark this trend right away!

Trust Pink

Pink has the power to make every bride feel no less. If you want your face to exude rosy cheeks, pink glossy lips, and shimmering eyelids with the hues of light and dewy pink, then you can never go wrong with this makeup trend. Your wedding is no less than a fairytale and if you want your prince charming to fall head over in heels in love with you, then let the soft eyeshadows and blush do the magic and turn you into an adorable princess. This makeup trend will easily blend in with your doll-like aesthetic and overall appearance. With your presence, you are surely going to make people say- oh, she looks so pretty and gorgeous!

Match Your Outfit

This makeup trend is here to stay and has really stood the test of time. The color-coordinating makeup look is appreciated as it complements the outfit and matches the ensemble perfectly. If you are not very confident about making a choice of color or shade, then show your wedding dress to the makeup artist beforehand so that you can plan well which color will go well with your dress and refine its mesmerizing grace like never before.

Bronze makeup look

This makeup trend has always been the talk of the town and is a smashing hit this year. The bronzy eye shadows with golden shimmer will give you a sun-kissed look and add a touch of warmth to your complexion, especially if you have pale skin. Not only this, it gives you a radiant glow that never looks over-the-top. Golden specs and glittery eyeshadows can be used to make you look special and more extravagant.

Glitter to add spark 

Many people believe that glitters are now a thing of the past but the truth is that they are back again with a bang. With this trend, you need not put in too much effort in accentuating the beauty of lips and cheeks as they will be required to be kept neutral and natural. Just dab the glitter on the lid and you are ready to grab eyeballs. This look will catch all the attention and its shine will eventually enhance the wearer’s overall appearance. Once you wear a glitter eyeshadow complementing your outfit, you certainly cannot get over it. Just pair this look with rosy nude lip color and a gentle swipe of blush, and you are good to cut a dash in the nuptial ceremony.

Neon makeup trend

For those who strongly believe that bold is beautiful, neon makeup is a fad that you cannot afford to ignore this year. If you love to play with colors and want to experiment with your look on your special day, then talk to your makeup artist and allow him/her to add a twist to your appearance with neon and vivid eye shadow. From the hues of blue, yellow, or green, you can pick any shade to highlight your lids. However, make sure you try it out the day before your wedding to avoid any last-minute changes.

Red lips don’t lie

If you want to play safe, then Red lip color is enough to make a bold and sultry impact with its timeless aesthetics. Keep your eyes in a neutral shade, cheeks in a light complexion, and apply the red lip color to make your outfit chic and bright. If you are unsure about it, then take a trial before your D-day and decide for yourself whether or not you can go with this red statement lipstick.

Smoky Eyes with Elongated Eye shadow

If you think pastels are ordinary and don’t define your inner personality, then make sure you choose a makeup trend that you can resonate with honestly. To give yourself a dramatic look, you can ask your makeup artist to give you smoky eyes and elongated eyeshadow. This will surely highlight your features and make you look unique and different in your own way. As a 21st century modern bride, we understand you are feisty and can pull out any look with aplomb, but still try it out before the wedding and avoid taking any risk with this badass beauty trend.

More than a makeup, it is a pleasant smile on your face that will intensify your beauty and make you look stunning on your wedding, thus, don’t forget to wear that with the choice of your makeup.