Top 7 Strategies to Fight Weight Loss Plateau

30-Second Summary

  • Starting on a weight loss journey can often feel intimidating, especially if you’ve had unsuccessful attempts in the past.
  • Nevertheless, you’ve managed to gather enough courage, willpower, and determination, and you’ve started reaping the results.
  • However, more often than not, many individuals will hit the so-called weight loss plateau.
  • It occurs when you stop losing any more weight and lack progress despite following a healthy diet plan and exercise routine.
  • There’s usually a very logical and reversible cause behind weight loss plateaus. Today, we will share with you our top 7 straightforward tips to overcome it easily.


For many of us who’ve managed to build healthy habits, it can be very confusing and disheartening to notice that we’ve stopped losing weight or even gained some after a long period of steady progress. It’s crucial to keep in mind at all times that simply because the scales have stopped dropping for a week, it doesn’t mean that your approach and methods aren’t working.

Although weight loss plateaus can be exceedingly demotivating, there are a few simple fundamental principles that you need to remind yourself of and several extra strategies to employ to get back on the right track.

Stay tuned for our best weight loss tips that will help you conquer your plateau and regain your former motivation and results.

Top 7 Strategies to Help You Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

1. Don’t Forget to Track Your Calorie Intake

The calories you take per day are usually the number one factor affecting your weight loss. As we all know, to lose weight, we have to consume fewer calories than we use up during the day. That said, chances are, the reason behind many individuals’ plateau hides behind their dietary habits.

You might have been measuring your calories very strictly at the beginning of your diet, but it’s easy to become careless about your portions and start adding up excessive calories. To fix this, take a week to measure your meals and see how your calculations compare to when you started. Also, it may be that you’re forgetting a meal now and then when tracking your daily calorie intake. Check that out.

Another cause is to consume too few calories. It may sound counterintuitive, but drastically decreasing your food intake can slow down your metabolic rate to ultimately result in slower progress.

2. Freshen Up Your Workout Routine

Do you often find yourself going through the same exercise routine? You’ve gotten so used to it that it starts to become boring, and you lose interest. In these cases, it’s always a good idea to start adding some variety to your workouts. It will help you recruit different muscle groups and present your body with new challenges.

If you’re unsure about how to plan workouts, it’s always best to consult with a professional trainer who can support you and guide you through the process of taking up new activities.

3. Opt for 90-Minute Sessions of Cardio Training

Speaking of new ways of working out, it can be worth trying to scale your cardio workouts to up to 90 minutes at least three times a week.

Maintaining high intensity will help you burn a ton of calories and has the potential to speed up your metabolic rate. However, avoid going for more than 90 minutes of cardio per day as this can put a severe strain on your muscles, joints, and overall well-being.

4.Workout Outside

Taking a step out of the gym and deciding to start working out can have immense benefits to your health and help you overcome your weight loss plateau. Extensive studies show that exercising outside in colder temperatures can boost the synthesis of brown fat tissue. It’s called fat, but it’s extremely beneficial and can even lead to significant healthy weight loss. Try it out yourself!

5. Focus on Getting Enough Fiber

If you don’t know already, fiber is the way to go if you want to opt for efficient and healthy weight loss. Apart from promoting stable gut health, fibers make you feel fuller, suppressing appetite. The effect is a significantly reduced calorie intake and weight loss.

For some extra support to push over your boundaries, consider looking up a few Toxiburn reviews circulating the internet. Toxiburn is a dietary supplement that may provide you with natural ingredients to promote and maintain a steady pace of healthy weight loss.

6. Cut Down on Alcohol and Fix Your Sleeping Routine

Studies show that one drink of alcohol per day has adverse effects on the body. However, excessive consumption relates to an extensive list of disorders and diseases. Alcohol also contains calories and negatively affects your metabolism. Ultimately, it can lead to a weight loss plateau that can even present itself with some weight gain.

Sleep is critical for almost every living being’s health. Having between 7 to 9 hours of quality night sleep is paramount if you want to be healthy.

7. Take Rest Days and Look Beyond the Scale

Complying with the best weight loss tips will help you overcome your plateau, but it’s also crucial to take a rest now and then. Don’t obsess yourself with losing weight quickly.

Live beyond the scale and never stop loving yourself. Feeling happy and confident in your body has the potential to give you the strength and willpower to help you achieve your goals.

Final Words

With these tips, you’ll be on the right track to smashing your plateau and following your goals.

Take a look at your calorie intake, cut down on alcohol, fix your sleeping patterns, get enough fiber and start reaping the results. You may want to incorporate natural supplements like Toxiburn. They can do wonders for you. Nevertheless, always opt for research-backed and natural ingredients. Almost every Toxiburn review says it may be a safe way to lose and control your weight.

Staying active is just as important. Add a variety to your exercise routine, and look for a personal coach who will show you how to plan workouts efficiently and successfully.