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This is to notify that the Disclaimer is applicable for the website as well as the social activities related to the website. Hence, the usage of TextTake or includes the Facebook page, twitter and any other pages owned and inspired by TextTake. This also incorporates activities on Quora, LinkedIn, Google, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

This website aims to promote various genres like health, lifestyle, education, business, makeup, food, and many others in the most creative style. We make efforts to keep the information correct and updated, making no warranties either express or implied about the accuracy, suitability, and reliability in regard to information or graphics on the website.

The writers have portrayed their ideas in all thinkable forms which may seem to question the values and morals of the society. While using words, ridicules, and different expressions, we have exercised our right to expression. The website and its content have been expressed on the basis of several incidents. Hence, it means that writers or owners of the website may not agree with all the published matter.

The disclaimer also aims not to hurt anyone’s emotions or be prejudiced towards or against any particular caste, creed person or religion. All the information should be taken in that manner only.