Protect Your Eyes from Air Pollution

The Almighty has showered innumerable blessings on the humans. When one dares to count them, he surprisingly finds that the list is inexhaustible. From shady trees to productive soil to deep oceans and life-saving food etc., the human body has been considered as the most magnificent gifts of all times. However, humans disrespect this precious body and handle it carelessly. Even the gateway to view this beautiful world i.e. eyes face repercussions of growing pollution and recklessness. The unhealthy lifestyle and various pollutants have become causes for massive eye diseases. On digging out the list of eye problems, the commonly found are watery eyes, itching, swelling, dryness, soreness and redness to name a few. Being such a significant body organ, you should be extra-cautious about their eyes.

Protect Your Eyes from Air Pollution

Here, we have suggested the best tips to protect your eyes from air pollution.

Cold Compressors Soothe Eyes

Eyes are quite sensitive in nature. Hence, even a small particle inside eyes can make you uneasy. It has also been observed that pollution also results in inflammation of eyes.  Since inflammation is a severe condition so the affected persons must immense care of their eyes. Although there could be several reasons for this, it can be cured with home remedies too.  Putting cloth soaked in cold water or rubbing ice cubes relaxes the eyes. In fact, the chilled slices of cucumbers and rose water cubes magically work on sore eyes.

Glasses Shields Your Vision

The universal idea of “Prevention is better than cure” perfectly suits to eye care regime too. Apart from gadgets, air pollution wreaks havoc to eyes. Similar to face masks, glasses must be used to safeguard eyes from lethal pollution and its effects.  Wearing protective shades or eyeglasses is an effective preventive measure.  To make the commutation time really fun, one should cover his eyes with the right pair of sunglasses. Using these shields also curb the sunrays to harm eyes.

Hydrate Yourself for Healthy Eyes

Healthy Eyes

Water is considered to be synonymous to life. Being a magical potion, it guarantees unimaginable health benefits to living beings. Well… when the body finds to be water-deficient then it warns you in various ways. Dry eyes are one of them. Undoubtedly, the fluids help in the formation of tears and keep them lubricated which ultimately combat smog and pollution. Those who refrain from sipping water for whole day can rely on other beverages like lemon water and fresh fruit juices.

Make Eye Drops Your Allies

Experiencing dry eyes has been a common scenario these days. People may not realize but the infectious germs and pollutants are active in air which impacts their vision. Cornea, the outer eye layer, acts as a barrier to these damaging elements. To make cornea function properly, it is important to use eye drops at least twice a day. Regular usage of eye drops help in lubricating the eyes and protects your vision.

Cleanliness of Hands is a Must

In spite of immense caution, you can’t thoroughly avoid air pollution. Of course, you can stay indoor all the times and still get eye infection. Even the hands can expose you to air pollution. The habit of touching or rubbing eyes dramatically hampers the working of eyes. To avoid this situation, hand wash is promoted. For many, it may appear non-significant. On the contrary, hand wash diminishes the probabilities of eye infection.  When it comes to eye health, every act is of high value.

Measure Your Nutrition Intake

To keep your world-watching tool intact, nutrition has a great role. Undoubtedly, one cannot control external stimulants but certainly, internal factors are manageable. In order to secure eyes, you must consume Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, beta carotene and other vital components.  Be it berries, apple, walnuts, almonds, fish or green vegetables, all contribute to building the immune system. When the immunity factor is high then all body organs enjoy strong resistant to diseases.

Wash Eyes Thoroughly                  

Splashing water on the eyes is a century-old ritual. From reducing redness to fighting allergies and other diseases, this simple act of washing ensures no settling of dust or pollutants on eyelids.  Those who sprinkle water on eyes twice or thrice a day minimize the harm of pollution causing agents. In fact, washing eyes every time when you step out marvellously work in your favour.

Put Eyes on Relax Mode

When it comes to eyes care, reducing screen hours should be on your agenda. Keeping your glance on several gadgets can be dreadful for your valuable eyes. Initially, this may not be apparent to you but eyes must be facing the wrath of air pollution. However, this screen addiction only aggravates problems. To reduce pressure on eyes, make conscious efforts to stay away from mobiles, laptops and computers. Also, relax your eyes by opting 15:15 rule. Under this, after every 15 minutes of working there must be a relaxation of 15 seconds.

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Blink Eyes

Quality of air has been badly ruined by air pollution. It’s not just outdoors but people usually encounter severe eye allergies while staying indoors. For the wellbeing of eyes, blinking is considered to be great exercise. Blinking induces tear formation as well as moisturizes the eyes. Many a time, people don’t blink and fall victim to various infections. Since this is a reflex activity so eyes will be guarded against all unseen particles in the surroundings.

Focus on Hygiene

Today’s fast-paced life has exposed your eyes to several issues. For trapping the air pollutants, the makeup products and contact lenses are responsible. Moving out with makeup or contact lenses on makes you more vulnerable to eye ailments. To mitigate these infections, always remove makeup as well as contact lenses. Following the basic eye care regime keeps your vision intact.

Your eyes are like a treasure. With a little negligence, you may lose this wealth. The usage of mobile or computer has immensely raised the eyes issues. Apart from this, deadly pollution and stress contribute a lot in intensifying the issues. Allergies, dryness and swelling etc. are clear indications of increasing air pollution. Undoubtedly, the busy lifestyle has put immense strain on eyes but people must find ways to secure their eyes. That’s why eye care has become a mandatory thing in this polluted environment. Well.. by adopting some easy hacks in life your eyes will be safe from the detrimental effects of air pollution.