Someone Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

WhatsApp is one of the popular apps today, so do you come across with the question like what makes WhatsApp the most popular? Free email, voice calls, and video calls are all available from WhatsApp. Documents, Pictures, Videos, Audios, Locations, and Contacts may also be shared with families, colleagues, and coworkers. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are also available nowadays.

Several of your contacts visit your WhatsApp profile on a daily basis for a number of reasons. Have you taken any precautions to avoid being followed on WhatsApp? How can you tell if anyone is looking at your WhatsApp Profile?

If you have similar concerns, this article would be helpful to you.

1. On Android

WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me works  on Android 2.3 and higher. It has an interface that is easy to use. Just download and install the application, open the app and click “SCAN,” run for a few seconds, and in a few seconds of time you will be able to see  the users who’ve checked the profile of Whatsapp in the last 24 hours.

Below you will find a detailed set of instructions to help you better use this application.

  • Simply download  the app from 1mobile app market as it’s not available on google play store. Do because you don’t already have the option to circumvent it. You can however uninstall it subsequently.
  • Before you instal this application, you may want to instal Android apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources under Device Management.
  • Install and run the app now.
  • Next click the Scan button.

Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

Just wait a few minutes to see who viewed your WhatsApp today while scanning all contacts.Once all of your contacts have been examined, it will display a full list of all the users who visited your WhatsApp profile that day.

This app is completely free to use; however, it should not be used for illegal purposes. Because it currently lacks a premium version, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be developed. For the time being, it supports all Android 2.3+ smartphones with WhatsApp installed and an active internet connection.

2. On IOS

WRevealer is another app that lets you know who is following you on WhatsApp. Unlike other apps, which are first launched on Android, this app is only available on iOS devices, and there is currently no Android version.

WRevealer is a Cydia tweak for iOS 8, 9 + computers that gives you a choice to view who saw your profile. It is compatible on both the iPad and iPhone, but you must jailbreak your IOS device first. While it is a paying tweak, they do offer a one-day preview to see how it works. If you are not happy then anytime you can cancel your subscription.

A comprehensive set of instructions is mentioned below to assist you in getting the most out of this application.

  • WRevealer should be installed on your device (assuming that you already know how to instal an app on iOS).
  • When you open it after installation, you will see a login screen. Before you can use any of the app’s features, you must first log in. If you are comfortable, you may create an account.
  • Then head towards Contacts -> Refresh.
  • After that, return to WRevealer and click the ‘Search’ button on the right side.

It will take some time to process the report, which will then be presented to you in the following format: Phone Number|Date|Time.

It also allows you to save the list for later use. The only demerit of using this app is that you will have to pay after the first free day. Monthly, half-yearly, and annual plans are available for $10, $51, and $84 respectively. You get an extra day for free if you share or tweet about it.

Should I use a Third-Party Service to See Who has Viewed My Profile?

This isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons. The first is that the majority of sites and apps that claim to show you who is looking at your WhatsApp profile are fake. This may be for a variety of reasons, including gaining access to the account or charging for a service they are unable to offer.

Another reason it’s recommendable because we already know WhatsApp doesn’t store its data, so how could a third-party provider actually know what the developers don’t? If you’re eager to see who’s looking at your profile  then above two mentioned apps in the guide are best to download and use!

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