Hair Care

It takes a lot of effort to make your hair look exactly the way you want, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, your hair contributes to the beauty and enhances the overall appearance. We all silently wish for good hair days that make us feel utterly confident to rule the world. Thus, we cannot afford to take our lustrous strands for granted. Just like your skin needs care, your hair needs immense attention too.

Tips to take care of hair in the winter season

Be it winter or summer, everyone dreams of having a bouncy, healthy, smooth and shiny hair. In this article, you will get some amazing tips to protect your glossy tresses from the harsh and chilly winds of winter, as well as the pitiless scorching heat of summers. Let’s get started!

Trust deep conditioning

When winter sets in, we use the best moisturizer to prevent our skin from dryness and flakiness, but what good do we do to our precious locks? Before the cold weather creates havoc on your hair, it is time to keep your tresses nourished and hydrated by investing in a good-quality conditioner. Talking about an effective hair routine, using conditioner after shampooing your hair is something you should never avoid doing. In the winter season, your hair needs deep conditioning, and thus, you must apply it double the quantity of the shampoo. Hairstylists and experts suggest that one should keep the conditioner for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Reduce hair washing

If you use too much shampoo on your hair, then be cognizant of the fact that it leaves your scalp and strands dry and brittle. Therefore, make sure you do not use a shampoo that often and apply it only 2 times a week. In the cold weather, taking a bath from hot water seems like a blessing. However, it has been proved that it is certainly not good for your skin and hair. The reason being is that the water snatches the natural moisture already present in your body and scalp and makes them dehydrated.

Don’t hate oiling your hair

If you think oily hair is a curse, then think again. It is better to put moisture in your hair than leaving your scalp too dry because it may further lead to dandruff and hair fall. No matter to what extent you detest the idea of putting oil on your hair, it is important to keep your scalp and strands moisturized and nourished. You can use argan oil, coconut oil, almond or olive oil to massage your scalp once in a week. Leave it for at least half an hour and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. If you haven’t tried this effective treatment, then give it a chance this time, and thank us later!

Avoid the use of hot, dryers, and hair sprays tools

Even if your makeup and outfit are just so perfect for the occasion, you won’t feel like going out with messy hair. Who doesn’t like the idea of using styling tools like curling tongs and straighteners? Everyone loves doing that, and especially when you have to grab many eyeballs in an important event. Having said that, the excessive heat of these styling tools cause severe hair damage. Thus, you must always use a heat defense hair spray prior to using any tool as it protects your hair from breakage and maintains its luster and glossy shine. Besides this, you must avoid the use of a hairdryer as the hot blow of air leaves the locks damaged. The better option is to let your hair dry naturally. When you over dry your locks using a hairdryer, it leaves them with tangles and frizziness. When you are getting late and cannot leave the house with wet tresses,  the good idea is to keep the dryer on cool mode and then use it to prevent any harm.

Tips to take care of hair in the summer season

Cover your head when going out

The harmful UV rays not only cause damage to the skin but are equally bad for your hair too. To maintain the moisture of the scalp and prevent tangles, you must use a hat or scarf to cover your head whenever you are exposing yourself to the sweltering heat of the sun. The market is flooded with hair care products with UV filters that protect hair from sun damage and save colored tresses from fading. Therefore, besides shielding your head with hats all the time, you can even vouch for these products and can confidently face the sunshine.

Go for trimming

We understand your love for long hair, but to get rid of split ends, it’s important for you to go for trimming in every 2 to 3 months. It will give a new life to your tresses and make them look healthy and shiny. In summers, hair does grow faster, so don’t worry about the length of your long and lovely locks.

Loosen up your hair

Let your strands feel relaxed and avoid overly tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails that pull and tear hair, thereby causing breakage. In the summer season, your hair becomes extra fragile and tight hairstyles can do further damage, thus it is suggested even by expert hairstylists that it’s better to style your hair in messy braids, knots, and soft hair ties.

Don’t swim with dry hair

To beat the blistering heat, swimming is the best physical activity one can think of doing in summers. However, you have to be extra careful before entering the pool. If you have dry hair, then it might absorb the Chlorine present in the water. Well, to avoid discoloration, just add 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water and rinse your hair with this solution before enjoying in the pool. By doing this, you can protect your hair from absorbing the chlorine which is harmful to your tresses.

Other than the tips mentioned above, don’t forget to use a good quality serum after every hair washes for smooth and tangle-free locks. Moreover, too much use of hair styling tools should be avoided too in every season. You can even take a hair spa once in a month for better results and can vouch for the hair masks according to your hair type and texture.

If you follow the tips mentioned in the article, we bet that no day will be a bad hair day. It’s time to let your flowing locks turn head many turns and make them wonder the secret of your healthy and gorgeous tresses.