Are you curious to know who viewed your Facebook profile, story, and post? If your answer is yes, then this comprehensive guide is for you!!

When we talk about social media, the first name that comes to mind is Facebook. Every individual around the world has most frequently used. Started using by the youngsters, now people of any age group above the age of 13 have a Facebook account. And it’s quite obvious Users may be curious to know who is trying to access their profile. So for all those users who are curious now, it’s time to over with this curiosity of who has seen my profile on Facebook?

Let’s get started with the top tricks on how to see who views your Facebook profile.

1. Facebook Profile Source Code

You can use the ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ to search who has seen your Facebook profile. Google Chrome is being recommended to use this trick as other browsers may have some problems to deal with. Follow these simple steps:

  • Sign in to the Facebook account first
  • Now go to your profile page
  • Right-click on the page and pick Display Page Source (You can use CTRL+U on Windows and Command+Option+On Mac to display page source)
  • Click Ctrl+F to open your search bar
  • Just type your name and view your InitialChatFriendsList
  • Once done you can see a list of friends who view your profile the most. Their profile IDs will be shown as.” For example, “100004225035225-2”
  • Copy the profile identifier without “-2,” i.e. “100004225035225” which is the Facebook user profile ID and the file ID in the new form https:/ tab (profile ID amount here copied). For example

Facebook Profile Source Code

2.Flatbook Extension for Chrome

You can add the “Flatbook” Google Chrome extension that is available on the Chrome Web Store. It seems Google Chrome is the only browser that requires users to do so. Funny though!

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the browser for Google Chrome, and install the extension of Flatbook. On the Chrome Web Store, search for flatbook extensions.
  • Tap on the Add to Chrome option and wait a few seconds for the Chrome browser to complete the installation.
  • Now log in to your Facebook account after installation is complete.
  • Tap the icon for the Flatbook extension on the top right of the page.
  • Tap on Profile Visitors from the list of options.
  • A list of 20 people who like your profile most will be given to you.
  • You can even search who unfriended you on Facebook.

Not happy with the methods indicated above? Here is another technique to reach your goal.

3.Super Viewer for Facebook

Super Viewer for Facebook

This is another extension that will help you figure out who’s watching your Facebook. Again, this is an extension to Google Chrome. Google Chrome appears to be the pioneer in the browser race. Thanks for helping us out, Google Chrome.

This extension is as easy to add in Chrome as the previous one. Only follow straightforward steps:

  • Open the browser Google Chrome
  • Search for the super viewer extension, and press the button Add to Chrome. Wait until installed.
  • Log in to your account on Facebook now
  • The option ‘Visitor’ must be visible at the timeline bar
  • Click the option and see who’s viewing your profile

4.Who Viewed My Facebook for iOS

Not finished yet with excitement – who’s seen my Facebook? Here is the last hack to soothe your nerves. Yes, that is what you read, right! iOS users have time for Android users to rejoice. Facebook has an association with Apple’s most prominent and influential brand. The management of Apple wanted to do something for their customers using the iPhone. Facebook can eventually test this special service for iOS users, which is a nightmare for Android users after multiple meetings with Apple management.

The techniques mentioned above are somewhat timid. For its users, iOS has streamlined everything. Enthusiastic to learn? Let’s start testing who has seen my profile with IOS:

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Scroll to open the Facebook menu
  • Scroll to choice Setup and Privacy
  • A new feature called Privacy Shortcuts is available
  • Check for the alternative who’s seen your profile and you are good to go!

Sharing your story is a new feature; users can post stories where text, images, and videos can be included. These stories will be active for the following 24 hours. Then after posting, you can check your story, you can see a list of people who have looked at your story by far. It is the choice of users to share their stories with users they allow watching.

That’s it, now you are good to go as you are aware of all top-notch tricks who views your Facebook profile and story!

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