Virtual Candidate Hiring Strategy

As the workplace shifts online, most of the companies are planning on making full use of remote facilities to keep the operations going smoothly. As businesses grow, it is only natural that they will need to recruit more employees to keep the functions going. Virtual recruitment is gaining momentum because it is more convenient than physical recruitment. It also does not restrict the presentation of the skills of a candidate.

Here is a list of some of the best recruitment strategies for candidate sourcing:

Include Phone Interviews

After you have received resumes and applications for a job posting, it is better to screen them by doing phone interviews to save time and resources. Phone interviews are typically shorter than video interviews. They help you understand the confidence and personality of a candidate in a nutshell.

It also makes the screening process more manageable as you do not have to set up a video calling meetup which saves time. You can also choose to do another round of phone interviews for selecting only a bunch of candidates who will go through to video interviews.

Online Job Fairs are the Way

Since the pandemic, everything has been online, including the search for employment. Online job fairs are more common than you think. They are being extensively used by recruiters not only on college campuses but also to recruit any professional of any age group.

You can use a third party like a college to manage your software, or you can do it on your own accord. Ensure to promote the fair so that all imminent up-and-comers and interested applicants join to meet the recruiting supervisors.

Get Management for Video Interviews

If you feel that your recruiters are not well equipped for the video conferencing required for candidate sourcing, you should hire professionals to manage the recruitment process. Outsourcing technical staff for the recruitment process will be a better option than making mistakes and wasting company time trying to manage all the details.

You can also provide training to interns or ask the IT team for assistance during the video conferencing. Screening the candidates and limiting the number of participants can make the process less grueling.

Follow Same Legal Guidelines

Just because the recruitment process is virtual does not mean that legal guidelines and considerations can be relaxed. Be careful of the remarks that the recruitment team makes. Keep the questions strictly related to the job positions and not towards subjects that can take you to court.

The Takeaway

Nobody imagined that candidate sourcing and onboarding processes would have to be virtual, but adaptation to technology is the need of the hour. Managing targets and remote workers is a task on its own. With the help of some innovative strategies, working from home can be made more enjoyable and less stress-inducing. We hope you now know the best virtual recruitment strategies and how to execute them for good results.